Copenhagen Light Festival Installation

Don’t miss the last weekend of the Copenhagen Light Festival

article by Penny, photos by Jesus

The Copenhagen Light Festival is this awesome yearly thing that totally transforms the chill winter nights in Copenhagen into this super cool celebration of light art and next-level lighting design. The light installations are available to check out for three weeks in February, ending on the 25th of February. During that time, you get to check out all sorts of light-based creations – sculptures, installations, crazy projection mappings, events, and illuminations made by both prominent light artists and up-and-coming talents, like students and organizations.

Copenhagen Light Festival Installation
Installation in the city center

A curatorial committee carefully picks out the lineup, turning different spots in the city – squares, facades, bridges, and hidden spots – into this whole new experience. It’s not just about looking at the beautiful architecture of Copenhagen; it’s like rediscovering your city in a whole new way.

Copenhagen Light Festival
Copenhagen Light festival beams of light

Most of the dazzling light installations are set up along this planned route in the inner city and along the harbor. So, you can literally stroll through and soak up all the creativity. But, they also throw in some cool art in spots outside the city center, encouraging you to go on a bit of an adventure. If you want to do your own guided tour of the light installations, you can visit the official website.

At Copenhagen Free Walking Tours, we love recommending fun free options to our guests. You can check out the festival installations on foot by following the Festival Map, or you can see more light installations by using a Donkey Republic Bike. For a 15% discount, you can use our affiliate code: CFWTFWT.
Copenhagen light Festival installation 2024
Light installation from the 2024 Copenhagen Light Festival

Whether you’re a local or from halfway across the globe, the Copenhagen Light Festival gives you this awesome chance to vibe with the city when it’s dark and freezing. The festival’s light shows become this kind of beacon, bringing people together to enjoy some creativity and community spirit.

So, yeah, the Copenhagen Light Festival isn’t just a local thing; it’s also something that visitors can enjoy that mixes art with cutting-edge design. With its carefully placed light installations, mix of established and new artists, and the overall celebration of creativity, it’s like a shining light in the winter darkness, inviting everyone to come and enjoy the glow.

If you want to enjoy the Copenhagen Light Festival from a cozy, heated canal boat, our friends at Stromma have a Copenhagen Light Festival Tour that you can join until the 25th of February. Tickets might sell out since it is the last weekend, follow our affiliate link to reserve your spot:

Copenhagen Light Festival Canal Boat Tour

Beam of light from the harbor
view from the Harbor, Beam of light from the copenhagen light festival


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